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January 2, 2014

Mary did you know?

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This Christmas song is one of my favorites.  I imagine what Mary’s life was like as she raised Jesus. 
When she said yes to God, she had no idea of the pain she would experience or the overwhelming joy.

Now, two thousand years later, there is something else occurring that Mary could not have imagined.  All over the world something is happening.  God is raising up people who are worshiping Jesus night and day – literally!  Prayer rooms are being established with night and day prayer and worship.  This is actually a fulfillment of Acts 15:16-17.  “After these things I will return, and I will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen….(17) so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord…”  If you look back through Scripture, David set up a tent that held the ark of the covenant and hired singers and musicians to worship God 24/7.  That was referred to as the Tabernacle of David.  For more references, look at 2 Samuel Chapter 6, and 1 Chronicles Chapter 9, 23, and 25 to name a few.  It is so interesting that after all of these years, this prophecy is coming to pass!

Why do I mention this?  Engaging in this reborn system of prayer and worship has changed my life and it is changing the lives of millions around the world.  God inhabits the praises of His people.  By joining in with the prayer and worship going on in these “prayer rooms”, you can feel the tangible presence of God and join in with others to establish God’s righteousness and justice on the earth.  This is an exciting time to be alive.  Could we be ushering in the return of Jesus as every nation, tribe and tongue lift up praises to the King?

If you have never heard of this prayer movement, I would suggest that you search the internet for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  They have a prayer room that has been going on night and day for over 14 years and they stream it live over the internet.  It is wonderful to join in with others all over the world who are watching as we pray and sing in one accord. 

Jesus is worthy of it all!  When you take your eyes off your problems and put them on Him in worship and adoration, everything changes.  I encourage you to make one of your resolutions this year to worship and pray to the coming King.  Watch IHOP Kansas City, find a prayer room in your area or gather some singers and musicians and meet for weekly prayer.  God will begin to transform your life in ways you never thought possible!

God is faithful to His promises!

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